Instructions to start up new water.

• Turn on the pump/filter and add a metal remover, pre-stain or stain preventer.
(note: all these chemicals are identical and perform the same function)

• After one water exchange, add an anti-scalant or mineral remover.
(these are formulations that combine both metal and mineral removal).

• After one water exchange, test and balance the water - refer to test kits and balancing section

• After the water is balanced, shock treat the water - refer to the shock treatment section.
After three exchanges of water and a free chlorine level of 5 PPM or less

• Add a clarifier, after one water exchange, turn off the pump and filter and let the contaminants
settle to the bottom of the pool. This will take about 4 to 6 hours. At this point, we highly
recommend you vacuum the bottom of the pool.

• Remove the cartridge filter and hose it off and re-install it. Prime and turn on the pump filter again.

• Add an algaecide or an enzyme.

• After one water exchange, test and adjust the chlorine level to 3 PPM

• After one water exchange, start normal maintenance.